China Open: Nick Kyrgios Disappointed with Referee’s Wrong Call

Nick Kyrgios has claimed that he did not react in a professional manner when there was a line call that turned out to be quite controversial in the recent China Open final with Rafael Nadal. The 22-year-old was clearly denied a good break at the start of the game, as the official came up with a wrong decision. This turned out to be the turning point in the game, as Rafael Nadal stepped up his game and managed to get a 6-2, 6-1 victory. After the game, Kyrgios admitted that he is reaction was not the best while he also did not dispute the victory for Nadal, who was better than him on almost every front.

There is a certainly frustration within the 22-year-old at the wrong call made by Kyrgios, as it could have been a turning point in the game. The Australian claimed that he should have kept his cool. However, there were no continuation of the incidents over the rest of the game, as Nadal was able to overpower his young opponent in excellent fashion. The Spaniard has been able to top the world rankings for the first time after three years, and he has been going through a brilliant 2017 campaign. The 16 Grand Slam winner was at his imperious best in the game. Kyrgios claimed that his unprofessional act resulted in the warning.

Nadal had been going through a terrible run in the last couple of years with injuries and poor form, but he was able to make a substantial return to his best form after winning two Grand Slam titles this year. Nick Kyrgios, meanwhile, has never been beyond the quarter-finals of any Grand Slam and came closest in 2014 and 2015 when he reached the stage in the Wimbledon and Australian Open respectively.