Tennis: US Open 2018 Prize Money

The money awards for the 2018 edition of the US Open increased slightly compared to the previous edition.

The US Open remains the most generous Grand Slam tournament in 2018. For reaching the third round of the tournament, a player will receive $156,000 but only 90 points in the rankings, a bizarre situation.

The third round at the US Open is more valuable than a regular ATP title. If we think about it, it is almost double the prize offered to win a simple ATP tournament ($89,435).

For WTA, the third round at the US Open is worth three WTA International titles and slightly less than a WTA Premier title!

Winner's share by Grand Slam (2018)

  • US Open (3,800,000)
  • Australian Open (2,906,690)
  • Wimbledon (2,885,245)
  • Roland Garros (2,544,447)

The calculations are made by converting AUD, EUR and GBP to US Dollars. Even though the prize money has huge variations between all Grand Slams, the points awarded to the winner remain the same. Wimbledon is considered the most prestigious Grand Slam, while Roland Garros is considered the most “hard to get”.

US Open was also the best paid Grand Slam tournament in 2017, with the winner taking home a $ 3,700,000 check. Even if the growth is around 6%, the amounts remain impressive. Let’s see what is the distribution of prizes and points at the US Open in 2018:

US Open 2018 Prize Money

StageSinglesDoubles (per team)Mixed Doubles (per team)
Round of 16$266,000$46,563$10,000
Round of 32$156,000$27,876$5,000
Round of 64$93,000$16,500-
Round of 128$54,000--
Qualifying (3rd round)$30,000--

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