AceStream Guide

What is AceStream?

AceStream is a software that works using P2P technology (peer to peer). It means that when you are receiving data (a live stream, for example) you are also sending data to other users. It is a collective effort to keep the live stream up and in HD quality.

Attention! If the P2P protocol is illegal in your country (might be), then you need a VPN to remain anonymous.

Where can I download AceStream?

Windows users:
Download AceStream from the official site.

Install the software and then click on any “Open Stream” link in the AceStream section (AceStream links begin with “acestream://”). The AcePlayer will automatically load the data. Very simple!

Mac Users:
Download SodaPlayer from here.

Install the software and then open it. You will see a button which says “Open an URL, Magnet or AceStream link”. Now go to the AceStream links section on this site and copy the URL of any AceStream link (the url should start with “acestream://” – same as “http://”).
Click on the button “Open an URL, Magnet or AceStream link” and paste the link. You’re all set!